Workout Series #3

Today I actually didn’t exercise! So does this technically count as part of the workout series?

We flew to Arizona for the rest of the week (picture above is on the airplane…Piper was  freaking boss and did so well!) and although I could’ve still made an effort to get in a good workout yesterday, I chose not to. Part of me wanted to force myself to do it because I wanted to have a good week of exercises to post on here, but that’s not real life. I wanted to post a “workout series” because I wanted to show what my workout routine looks like. Occasionally missing a planned workout is real life, and it’s okay.

I chose to spend time with my in-laws and not worry about sneaking away to exercise for a bit. I need flexibility in my life – I think we all do. I typically PLAN for 6 days of exercise, but if something comes up and I miss a day…well I still got in 5 days and that’s awesome! I like to over-plan to allow for flexibility and more importantly, balance.

Sunday is always my scheduled rest and recovery day, but today turned into another spontaneous rest day, which I am more than okay with. It didn’t set me back. I haven’t “failed”, and I’m not going to suddenly lose everything I’ve been working towards. It’s alllllll good.

Workout Series #2

Howdy heyyyy. Yesterday I posted my leg and glute workout for the week, and today I planned on doing biceps and back. I like combining those two muscles together because they compliment each other well. When working the back muscles, the biceps are also activated, and vice versa.

HOWEVER, I didn’t have a lot of time today so I just did some steady state cardio (keeping heart rate elevated, but level the whole time), and back.

CARDIO: 25 minutes on highest incline at 3.0mph


  • Chin ups 3 x failure
  • Chin up isolation holds 3 x 15 seconds
  • Bent-over row 3 x 20 (10 per side)
  • Reverse fly 3 x 8

COOL DOWN: stretch and foam roll

40 minutes: 320 burned (tracked on Polar A360)

Workout Series 

I frequently get asked about my workouts and how long I train, how I split up days etc. I do share some of my workouts on the ole’ Instagram, but this week I plan on posting the exercises I do each day to show how I’m currently splitting up my routines and specifically how I’m exercising. Hopefully it helps answers those questions, and helps those who want workout ideas or want to switch up their own routines!

I always switch up how I split my workouts, and what exercises I do, but this week’s workouts will show how things are going down right now.


Warm up: 5 min walk on treadmill, 10 leg swings on each side

Leg HIIT: 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest

  • Box jumps
  • Goblet squat
  • Jump lunges
  • Weighted walking lunges
  • In and out jump squats
  • Weighted Bulgarian split squats
  • Deadlift
  • Single-leg deadlift

Glute finisher:

  • Donkey kicks x20
  • Straight leg kickbacks x20
  • Curls x20
  • Weighted kickback pulses x20
  • Weighted fire hydrants x20
  • Side leg lifts x20

Cool down: stretch (quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes) + foam roll

46 minutes total: 403 calories burned (Recorded with my Polar A360 – STRONLY recommend a heart rate monitor for workouts!)

Post-Workout Recovery

Happy Friday y’all! <– hmm not sure I can pull that off. Oh well.

I wanted to post about post workout recovery today because, from my own experience and from coaching others, it’s something that gets neglected too often. We put so much work into the actual workout, which of course is important, but it’s easy to forget that what we do afterwards can heavily impact our results. All the hard work could potentially be for nothing if we don’t pay attention to our post-workout routines.

With that being said, it can also be overwhelming when you’re just starting to exercise after having a baby (or maybe even for the first time – yay!) because there are so many factors to take into account. What to eat before exercising, HOW to exercise, what to do AFTER exercising etc. It’s a lot!

I wanted to share this infographic from Supplement Mart because it’s easy to follow and breaks down how to properly recover after a workout really well!

Guide-to-Post-Workout-&-Muscle-Recovery-Infographic copy

Healthy Roadtrip Snacks

Long drives are so challenging for me because there’s not a whole lot to do, so I just wanna eat (read: stuff muh face). The trick is to make sure I have lots of healthy snacks on hand so I’m not tempted to eat any of the bad stuff!

With two 10 hour drives last week, I made sure I was prepared with all of the goods:

  • Overnight pancakes:  I made these the night before and ate them in the car for breakfast. Recipe here.
  • Bare Snacks: My favourites are the apple and coconut chips!
  • Protein balls: recipe here.
  • G2G bar: 20% off with the code “theswole”.
  • Plain greek yogurt, apples, cheese string, hummus, and baby carrots

If you are like me and have a hard time resisting the not-so-good foods in the car, then PLAN AHEAD!! Bring healthier options with you to keep your body well nourished and energized.

3 Months Update

I took a break from posting on here and Instagram last week while we were on vacation in Newport with my family, and it was a much needed break. I always want to be very present with Piper (especially now that she’s a little more interactive and alert). I usually post, answer emails and comments while she’s napping, so it was nice taking a break from my phone for a week and relaxing when she slept.

Anyway, Newport was LIT and Piper turned 3 months while we were there! She’s so happy and smiley right now and is getting more and more fun to play with!

My favourite thing is how happy and excited she is to see me in the morning. It’s s’cute. Granted it’s probably just because she’s hungry (she knows my face = milk), but I still love it!

She’s discovered her hands (and recently her toes) so she’s constantly playing with them. She loves her little play mat and tries to swat at the things hanging down from it. She’s pretty uncoordinated, but it’s cute to see her try! A for effort.

I used to put her down late at night (11-11:30) so she’d sleep through the night (she’d wake up at 7), but I want her down earlier now because Jordan and I can barely keep our eyes open that late. Yes, har har, we’re old now. She’s been going down around 9-9:30 and waking up at 6, so like heyoooo!

I could go on and on, but I know no one else is interested in this stuff. Basically, she is the sweetest thing and although she’s hard work sometimes, she’s so worth it.


My body is continuing to recover well and I’m almost feeling 100% back to normal now. My skin is continuing to go down, but it’s definitely still stretchy. I start teaching spin classes again next week and I did a mini spin workout last week and nearly died, so that should be fun ha!

I also started working again this week (today was my first day back) which was weird. Luckily, my job is flexible so I’ll be working from home while Piper naps. We’ll see how that goes. Eek!

No Equipment Lower Body Workout

Piper is having a hard time napping during the day lately, which makes it incredibly hard for me to get anyyyything done around here! She will fall asleep in my arms but won’t go down in the swing or her cradle, so I feel super lazy just sitting around with her all day – but there’s not too much I can do about it! Ah! Kids these days amirite??

I always say this, but quick and effective workouts are my jam because time just to myself is hard to come by! Luckily, I can squeeze in 30 minute workouts here and there but on days I can’t, I opt for short 15 minute HIIT workouts! I want to do a post all about HIITs and their benefits soon but to sum it up, they are short bursts of high intensity exercise that get your heart rate up quickly, torch calories, and get your body burning fat for fuel even after the workout is over!

For anyone else pressed for time, here is a quick lower body HIIT workout that doesn’t require any gym equipment (although you can definitely add weights if you have access to them!).



Repeat exercise for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, then move onto next exercise. Repeat circuit 2-5X depending on time available! **As always, consult your Doctor before beginning a new exercise routine, remember that sets and reps may vary person-to-person, and ALWAYS listen to your body.**